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Registration is on-going join at anytime!

Join The Cookerydoo for an untraditional Story Hour. During each session, the group creates one tasty treat inspired by a favorite children's book. A beginner class perfect for budding chefs, picky eaters, and curious kids.

Alphabet Soup
A delicious Alphabet Adventure. As they stir up tasty eats, young chefs hear stories and play word games sponsored by the letter of the day.

Edible Art
Grab your apron, imagination, and creativity hat and join the Cookerydoo Chefs for a series of classes where playing with your food is encouraged. During each session, the group learns about an art technique and creates tasty masterpieces inspired by the method.

Cookies, Cupcakes and Cauliflower
Each week our budding bakers will make, bake and decorate an assortment of yummy treats. We will show them how to color their own frostings and give them an assortment of toppings to decorate. (we're just kidding about the cauliflower)

Food Colouring
Red, yellow, green and blue, learn your colours and eat yummy treats too!

Shake, Bake and Shimmy
Pretend you are an apple swaying in a tree. This move-o-licious series of classes is all about stirring it up.

Eat your Lunch!
Twice a week we invite everyone to come eat a healthy meal over the lunch hour.
Children under 5 must be accompanied by a caregiver and registration is required.
The cost for this 8 week program is $60.00 + GST (beverage included)

After School Program

Kitchen Science
Trade in your apron for a lab coat and join the Cookerydoo Chefs on a kitchen exploration. During each session, we investigate a culinary phenomenon, experiment with common kitchen items, and stir up yummy eats.

Culture in the Kitchen
Join the Cookerydoo Chefs on a cross-cultural journey. While preparing traditional recipes, the group investigates and discusses cultural traditions and customs celebrated around the world and the role food plays in each event.

Supper Club
Each week we teach the basics from table manners, kitchen safety, reading a recipe, setting a table, preparing a meal and serving. Each session ends with a family dinner party compliments of our new chefs.

With these quick and easy treats, we take the junk out of junk food.

Special Occasion Class
Our special occasion classes are similar to our birthday parties except that they are tailored to any event you desire - holiday party, sleepovers, etc. We can do them in your home or at our location.

Family Dinner Table
The family dinner table is a place to reconnect with those you care about the most. Over a simple dinner important things happen. Relationships are strengthened and the news of the day is exchanged. More importantly, memories are made for both adults and children.
Each month, The Cookerydoo will bring the community together by hosting a family dinner.
Please book early, as space is limited
Call for cost, details and dates

After School Course Notes

Prompt drop off and pick up of your child is required for all after-school classes.