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Oodily doodily doo, we think health and nutrition are important too!

At the Cookerydoo, we feel very strongly about community and having a social outlet for moms and caregivers. These classes have been created to provide two things. First, an environment where moms can meet other moms, interact and socialize and secondly to attain valuable information.

Squish 'n' Squash - Making Baby Food
Learn how to make delicious homemade baby food. Learn how to prevent food allergies and choking hazards and make smooth transitions from breast or bottle to the table. Babes in arms welcome.
Cost for 3-week class is $55

Meals without Squeals
Toddlers can be challenging to feed. Learn why they are prone to picky eating and what to do about it. Make quick and nutritious snacks. Help toddlers eat and enjoy a variety of foods, including dreaded vegetables!
Cost for 3-week class is $55

Growing Strong
A great topic for all parents with children from babies to toddlers to school-age kids. Learn how children's eating habits form. Find out why picky eating can be normal and what to do about it

Yummy Mummy Baby Belly
This is a truly unique class. Come prepare and eat a pregnancy inspired meal, explore the many topics related to being pregnant , have fun and socialize with other mummy's to be. This program runs for 1-11/2 hrs. Join at any time during your pregnancy.
Cost $ 20/ individual class; $190 for 12 weeks

Learn about healthy cooking with fall vegetables and prepare a harvest inspired meal. You will take home a week of menu plans, recipes, and a grocery shopping list. Natural foods, whole grains, and living foods will be used.
The cost for this cookshop is $95.00

Please call for information.